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2023, Vol. 5, Issue 6, Part A

The role of socio-demographic factors in the success of startups in it: An empirical study Indian epicenters

Author(s): Anushka Kumari

Abstract: The dynamism of India's Information Technology (IT) sector has propelled the nation into a global technological hub, with startups at the forefront of innovation. This empirical study investigates the pivotal role of socio-demographic factors in shaping the success trajectories of IT startups within the Indian landscape. The research delves into the interplay between founder characteristics, educational backgrounds, gender diversity, geographic location, and cultural influences to unravel the nuanced dimensions of startup success. Drawing on a mixed-methods research design, our study engaged a diverse sample of IT startups across major Indian epicenters. Quantitative data were collected through surveys, while qualitative insights were gleaned from in-depth interviews and case studies. The analysis rigorously examined the socio-demographic profiles of founders, seeking correlations with key success indicators. Findings reveal compelling connections between the age and experience of founders and the startup's growth trajectory. Educational backgrounds emerged as influential, with specific disciplines demonstrating a stronger correlation with sustained success. The study also sheds light on the impact of gender diversity, showcasing the unique strengths that diverse teams bring to the IT startup ecosystem. As the Indian IT landscape continues to evolve, understanding the intricate interplay of socio-demographic factors becomes imperative for stakeholders seeking to navigate the complexities of startup success. This study contributes valuable empirical evidence to the existing body of knowledge, offering actionable insights for enhancing the resilience and prosperity of IT startups in India.

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Anushka Kumari. The role of socio-demographic factors in the success of startups in it: An empirical study Indian epicenters. Int J Multidiscip Trends 2023;5(6):31-36.
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