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2023, Vol. 5, Issue 3, Part A

Karttikeya on ancient Indian coins

Author(s): Dr. Meenu Nain

Abstract: Skanda-Karttikeya is well known to have been the god of war or the commander-in-chief of the divine army. Though he has not found a place in the stereotyped list of principal god but numismatic evidence proves that his images or emblems were highly venerated by a good many people of ancient India. He is known to the Vedas. The Mahabhasya of Patanjali also attests the popularity of Karttikeya. Skanda Karttikeya appears frequently on Yaudhaya's coins, Kusana’s Coins and even on Gupta’s Coins. During Kumaragupta1 Karttikeya figured both theriomorphically and anthropomorphically on the coins. The representation of peacock stands in all likelihood for the theriomorphic representation of Skanda Karttikeya.

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International Journal of Multidisciplinary Trends
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Dr. Meenu Nain. Karttikeya on ancient Indian coins. Int J Multidiscip Trends 2023;5(3):19-21.
International Journal of Multidisciplinary Trends
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