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2023, Vol. 5, Issue 2, Part A

Mystical significance of images and symbols: A study of The Bijak of Kabir

Author(s): Basharat Ahmad Dar

All great poetry essentially is created never in so rustically and so plain manner that it should look a thing of common understanding or simply a matter of commonsense. Rather in looseness of poetic charisma and charm, there remains nothing but the substance of inane and trite existence of words which may be something, yet other than poetry. Imagery in poetry contains one of the features that bring forth symbolical strata and multifariousness to the semantic subject including multiplicity to the phenomenal beauty to a literary piece.
In this paper an endeavour shall be made to find out, if not all, yet some significant images and symbols and their mystical significance in the poetry collection The Bijak of Kabir translated version of Kabir’s poetry by Linda Hess and Sukhdev Singh. Kabir Das is one of the ever greatest Bhaktis, poets, mystics and philosophers of India, born in 1398, as per some records and according to the rest in the year 1440, in Kashi village of Varanasi (Banaras) India.
The study shall be substantiating the symbolic aptness in relation to mystical notions of Kabir and bring out their significance in understanding of some basic Indian mystical thoughts and principles. An effort shall be made to know how Kabir through image and symbols symbolically expounds the essence of human existence and other related elements in relation to the religious tradition whatsoever. However, it is very pertinent to say that the motif behind the study literally shall be unearthed with the consultation of literary books, articles, research papers in addition to the main source. Moreover, in this respect the New Criticism shall be partially viewed according to which a poem or a work of art must be solemnly the centre for the critical approach to highlight and appreciate it, along with viewing the Russian Formalism which sets erect itself on the criterion of strangeness of a work of art.

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