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2023, Vol. 5, Issue 1, Part A

Hindi language learning issues of Urdu medium learners: Aiming for a successful multilingualism classroom

Author(s): Dr. Gomti and Anjali Sharma

Abstract: Language is essential for human communication. It serves a variety of purposes, including the dissemination of information, the expression of feelings and opinions, and the provision of answers to inquiries. Development has been stressed as a factor in cognitive and social development by psychologists like Jean Piaget and Lev Vygotsky. If the speaker and the listener both have a proper knowledge of the signs and symbols and have mastered the complex system of communication, effective conversation would be possible. As a result, acquiring a language is crucial to a student's education. Understanding the distinction between first language acquisition and second language acquisition is equally vital to understanding the importance of language learning. When creating a curriculum for learning a second language and during the teaching-learning process, language skills and their components must be the areas of concentration. In India, 52 cores, or 43.63% of the total population, speak Hindi, according to the Census of India 2011. In India, it is the most widely used language. Therefore, learning Hindi is essential if you want to communicate with and comprehend the general public. This study aids teachers and curriculum designers in taking into account the issues and areas of challenges faced by students as they increase their competency in Hindi writing. Children need to be in a richly literate environment (Kumar, 2009). The setting should be rich in learning resources, and teachers should emphasise critical pedagogy for language development. For the learners, learning must be entertaining and useful. Although they appear to be the same, language learning and language acquisition are two distinct processes. Language learning entirely makes sense of knowledge, is voluntary, and is a progression that needs conscious effort to be effective. Language acquisition is a natural, subconscious, compulsive, and innate faculty that ignores grammar norms and syntax constructs. Grammar and syntax are valued in language learning, in contrast to language acquisition. The rules for how language functions in a context are as follows (Hussain, 2017). The researcher uses quantitative analysis to determine the writing competency levels of Urdu medium students who are learning in the Hindi language. The researcher has employed standardized assessment tests for the study. The results of the study reveal the drawbacks of the present education system in establishing a successful multicultural classroom.

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International Journal of Multidisciplinary Trends
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Dr. Gomti, Anjali Sharma. Hindi language learning issues of Urdu medium learners: Aiming for a successful multilingualism classroom. Int J Multidiscip Trends 2023;5(1):36-40.
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