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2023, Vol. 5, Issue 1, Part A

Problems of urban development and planning in India

Author(s): Dr. Manas Anand

Abstract: Cities in India occupy just 3% of the land, but their contribution to the GDP is a ~60%. India is the second largest urban system in the world with almost 11% of the total global urban population living in Indian cities. India’s urban population is expected to cross 50% of total population within next two decades. Urban growth is expected to contribute to 73% of the total population increase by 2036. This would bring enormous opportunities of economic growth and global competitiveness. Efforts must be channelised to ensure preparedness of the nation to manage such a massive urban transition and save our cities from the clutches of unplanned urbanization and unregulated construction activities. India is rapidly urbanizing. The cities and their infrastructure are coming under increasing pressure. It is thus imperative to enhance the urban planning capacity of the ULBs. As India reaches the tipping point of transitioning from a mostly rural to an urban society, the time to undertake planning reforms is now, because the process is irreversible. The improvement of living conditions such as improved transport options, sanitary facilities, clean drinking water, improved sewage, and waste management as well as a well-managed infrastructure lead to preventive measures.

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