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2022, Vol. 4, Issue 2, Part C

Study of structural changes in third ventricle of human brain utilising computed tomography scan

Author(s): T Sreenivas and Dr. Manila Jain

Abstract: Background: The structural result of degenerative changes in brain seen with aging is cerebral atrophy, where in there is decrease in volume of the cerebral substance and the internal fluid space (cerebral ventricles) and external fluid space (cortical sulci and cisterns) enlarge correspondingly. Aging as well as cerebral atrophic changes of the brain is associated with markable brain changes leading to enlargement of the sulci gyri and ventricles. Normal ventricular sizes and sulci is important to understanding these changes.
Aim: To establish the range of various measurements of third ventricle diameter in relation to age and discuss their clinical significance. To find the changes in these parameters in different age group samples.
interventional study in which the CT scans of 100 individuals in the age group of 20 – 70 and above years of either sex attending the Department of Radio-Diagnosis of Mamata General and Super specialty hospital were used. The study group was drawn from samples (patients) reporting to the department of Radio-diagnosis, for a head CT examination A retrospective review of axial images from Computed Tomography (Somatom Scope 16 Slice) were conducted. Measurements were done using in-built linear calipers of the CT machine. The parameters that were chosen for study Third ventricle ratio/index.
Results: Data was collected in a tabulated sheet and statistically analyzed to see the differences between males and females and age related changes.
Conclusion: The study will add to a baseline data and is valuable information for neurosurgeons, clinicians and radiologists.

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T Sreenivas, Dr. Manila Jain. Study of structural changes in third ventricle of human brain utilising computed tomography scan. Int J Multidiscip Trends 2022;4(2):136-139.
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