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2022, Vol. 4, Issue 1, Part C

Relationship of academic stress with emotional intelligence & academic achievement

Author(s): Sheba Sharief

Abstract: During the previous decade, the situation in our nation has changed such a lot of that expanded stress has cut down the productivity, yet in addition will in general give a ground to different sorts of deviances, illicit drug use, self-destructive cases and liquor abuse among adolescents. Feeling down, restless, or stressed every now and then is a typical piece of students' life. Many changes experienced in schools can be stressful. Perceive, nonetheless, when these feelings start to meddle with their capacity to work in their everyday life. Remembering such an excess of, taking care of stress of students/adolescents is by all accounts the main errand of instructors and educators. Stress might be considered as any physical, synthetic or emotional factor that causes real or mental turmoil and that might be a factor in infection causation. Physical and synthetic factors that can cause stress incorporate injury, diseases, poisons, sicknesses and wounds of any kind. Emotional causes of stress and strain are various and differed. An inquiry might emerge here that assuming stress disturbs body equilibrium and its capacities, is all stress awful? Not really. A gentle level of stress and strain can in some cases be useful. For instance, feeling somewhat stressed when completing a venture or task regularly propels us to work really hard, concentrate better and work enthusiastically.

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International Journal of Multidisciplinary Trends
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Sheba Sharief. Relationship of academic stress with emotional intelligence & academic achievement. Int J Multidiscip Trends 2022;4(1):251-258.
International Journal of Multidisciplinary Trends
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