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2022, Vol. 4, Issue 1, Part C

India’s soft power diplomacy towards the GCC countries

Author(s): Waseem Ahmad and Anisur Rahman

Abstract: The relationship between India and the Gulf states is not a new phenomenon. They date back many centuries. These ties have always been warm, strong, and beneficial to both the region. Many researches have been carried out to understand the various aspects of Indian Diaspora to the Gulf region. According to some research, these Gulf migrants are not only contributing to the region's economic development but also bringing India closer to the Gulf countries. They work as highly skilled and semi-skilled workers in nearly every sector of the economy. As a result, India receives a large amount of remittances, boosting the country's foreign exchange reserves. In 2018, India received over $80 billion in remittances. These remittances have a beneficial effect on the Indian economy and society. On the other hand, the Gulf region is receiving competent workers at a low cost, which is critical for the region's economic development. As a result, we may say that labour migration from India to the Gulf region benefits both greatly. How these large Indian diaspora strengthened both the regions would be analysed in this paper. It is also witnessed that Diaspora has emerged as powerful soft power tool in terms of foreign policy strategy. The contributions of Indian diaspora in the Indian economy and society are significant. It is in fact considered as big socio-cultural, strategic and economic assets. Taking this into view, the paper would focus on the role of diaspora as an important source of soft power in India’s foreign policy.

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Waseem Ahmad, Anisur Rahman. India’s soft power diplomacy towards the GCC countries. Int J Multidiscip Trends 2022;4(1):209-213.
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