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2022, Vol. 4, Issue 1, Part A

The adverse effect of climate change on magpie in Ladakh - A review based on climate crises

Author(s): Murtaza Ali and Niranjan Sahoo

Abstract: Background: Climate Change is identified as a great challenge in the world, as it adversely impacts the flora and fauna directly. Climate change has an impact on all kinds of biota like vegetation, animals, and birds. Similarly, the impact is seen in the case of magpies in Ladakh, like the birds, its number is declining at a very alarming rate in Ladakh. As traditionally said magpie is a bird that likes a clean environment. Also, it’s said that magpies keep many diseases not from spreading, and their decline in number reveals a change in the climate. Objectives and Method1. This paper systematically reviews the physical impact of climate change on Magpie such as changes in its natural habitats, as well as their biological consequences.2. To find out the causes for declining in the population of Magpie.3. To find out the items of human use taken by Magpie when found it in open.4. To find out the period magpie-built nest and go for breeding.Our focused reviews suggest that, need for identifying areas of commonality. It focuses on the multiple impacts of climate change on Magpie. Findings: The review suggested that climate change has been recognized as a crucial factor affecting the Magpie population. So, to revive its number, we should utilize environmentally friendly fuels, instead of fuels causing greenhouse gases. Also, we find nests of magpies more commonly. But due to the change in climate this community of birds facing challenges to survive. This also reveals the level of pollution in Ladakh than past. This change in climate and its temperature change affect the survival of the magpie bird community. In our model, we suggest that climate does so by causing environmental degradation, which is affected bidirectionally and leads to issues of biodiversity. Conclusion: A focused review on mechanisms via which climate change operates to affect the natural habitat of Magpie deserves our attention, for research and policy-making for the safeguard we got to consider multi-dimensional mechanisms via which climate change affects the natural habitats of Magpie with a focus on important mediating factors such as environmental degradation its direct impact on Magpie.

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International Journal of Multidisciplinary Trends
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Murtaza Ali, Niranjan Sahoo. The adverse effect of climate change on magpie in Ladakh - A review based on climate crises. Int J Multidiscip Trends 2022;4(1):33-37.
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