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2021, Vol. 3, Issue 2, Part C

Understanding Fataq (Hernia) and their management: An appraisal

Author(s): Iqbal Aziz, Matiur Rehman and Nishat Afroz

Abstract:Fataq” is an umbrella term that is used for different types of hernia, and it is described under the caption of ‘Tafarruqe Ittesal’, that tearing and inflammation occur in the membrane due to Ghaleez Wa Fasid Ghiza, Ehtebas Ghair Tabayi. Hippocrates, Galen, Zakaria Rhazi, Ali Ibn Abbas Majoosi, Ibn Sina, Ismail Jorjani, and Ibn Hubal Baghdadi are among the most famous Unani thinkers who are mentioned by Various Zimad (ingredients; Mom, Mazoo, Zuft Baloot, Post Anar, Maida Lakri, Sib Samage Arabi etc.) about the pathophysiology of Fataq, and also their method of treatment, which acts “Qabiz-e-Urooque”. Although the majority of them have been scientifically established to be astringent and promote membrane and muscular strength, many are reluctant to employ herbal preparations for hernia care due to their sluggish action. International recommendations based on high-level evidence have addressed procedure selection. Only in unusual circumstances and for particular reasons may surgeons vary from their recommendations. Hernia surgeons must be skilled in both open and endoscopic/laparoscopic methods in order to follow the guidelines.

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Iqbal Aziz, Matiur Rehman, Nishat Afroz. Understanding Fataq (Hernia) and their management: An appraisal. Int J Multidiscip Trends 2021;3(2):172-178.
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