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2021, Vol. 3, Issue 2, Part C

Social media platforms and the gender diverse: An ambivalent relationship

Author(s): Dr. Shivani Arora

Abstract: Man is a social animal by nature and interacting and communicating with others is a basic human need. We need to connect with others and feel connected with others. Psychology explains that we have an innate and a very powerful need to belong. A failure to do so results in an acute sense of loneliness or social isolation. Lack of appropriate social contact proves to be detrimental to one's mind and body resulting in physiological and psychological disturbances. In the twenty-first century technological social media platforms like face book, twitter have replaced the traditional methods of mass mobilization providing a platform to connect far and wide and interact by creating an online audience specific self sustaining interactive environment especially for the socially isolated and marginalized LGBTQ population. Social Media facilitates discussion, inspire action and enables engagement. It provides visibility and recognition to their experiences voicing their concerns into the mainstream consciousness. Social networking undoubtedly allows the gender diverse to garner psychosocial support worldwide but at the same time it encourages online victimization and cyber bullying, invasion of privacy and spamming. The absence of an effective gatekeeper to monitor online content posits many such issues. The negatives of social networking avenues notwithstanding, it acts as an empowering tool for the gender diverse to challenge the status quo and be seen and heard.

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Dr. Shivani Arora. Social media platforms and the gender diverse: An ambivalent relationship. Int J Multidiscip Trends 2021;3(2):168-171.
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