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2020, Vol. 2, Issue 2, Part A

Nature as Metaphor: A Journey through Robert Frost's Poetry

Author(s): Dr. Seema Rani

Abstract: Robert Frost's poetry continues to resonate with readers due to its universal themes, accessible language, and profound insights into the human experience. His ability to blend nature's beauty with life's complexities has left an enduring legacy. The significance of natural imagery and symbolism in the poetry of Robert Frost is deep and multifaceted. His masterly use of the natural world as a backdrop and a source of metaphor adds depth and complexity to his works, making it a hallmark of his poetic style. His poems often describe the natural world in intricate detail, reflecting his belief that nature is a mirror for human life and its struggles. Frost's poetry is known for its ambiguity and layered meanings. His poems often have multiple interpretations, and he enjoys exploring the complexities of human thought and emotion. His poetry reminds us that beneath the surface simplicity of his poems lies a depth of meaning that invites readers to contemplate their own choices, the passage of time, and the world around them. He subtly reminds readers of the delicate balance between humans and the natural world, a theme that has become increasingly significant in contemporary literature. This paper highlights how Robert Frost's use of natural imagery and symbolism enriches his work by providing layers of meaning, connecting the human experience to the natural world, and allowing readers to engage with his themes on a personal and universal level.

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Dr. Seema Rani. Nature as Metaphor: A Journey through Robert Frost's Poetry. Int J Multidiscip Trends 2020;2(2):110-113.
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