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2020, Vol. 2, Issue 2, Part A

Evaluation of the function of connective tissue fibers in the human body

Author(s): Khurshid Naseri and Badria Azimi

Abstract: Connective tissue is one of the tissues that maintain the shape and skeleton of the body and cause the cohesion and support of the internal structures of the body. One of the components of this tissue are fibers, which play an important role in the structure of the body and have different types, which are: Collagen fibers, Reticular fibers and Elastic fibers. Each of these fibers performs a specific function in the body. Among these fibers, collagen is made by fibroblast cells and makes up the body's most protein. These fibers often form the basic structure of the body's connective tissue, including bone, cartilage, ligament, peritoneum, skin, etc., and have different types. These fibers are very strong and resistant to natural shear and shock forces and are an important component of all connective tissue as well as the basement membranes of epithelial tissue and the outer layers of muscle and nerve cells. Based on the molecular composition, morphological features, dispersion, and their function are distinguished from each other. There is a family of 28 types of collagen in Animal Vertebra, of which types 1, 2, 3 and 4 are the main types and play a greater role in the body. Reticular fibers are very thin, branched fibers that form fine networks. These fibers connect the connective tissue to the adjacent tissue. The origin of these fibers is fibroblasts and they have a net-like shape. In terms of characteristics, they are considered as raw collagen fibers. Reticular fibers surround the arteries, sinuses, and muscle cells. This network is located under the epithelial cells and forms the basement membrane. These fibers also create subtle networks, strengthen cell clusters, and provide functional units for cells. In addition, these fibers can be found in the uterus and the muscular layer of the intestines. Elastic fibers are fibers that are easily stretched and return to their original position if released. The main task of these fibers is to provide elasticity in the body organs, and this task is especially evident in the skin and arteries.

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