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2020, Vol. 2, Issue 2, Part A

Exploring the ways to increase students’ participation in the class activities: A review article

Author(s): Gul Ahmad Amirzai

Abstract: Increasing students’ participation in the class activities is the most crucial issue in language teaching. Students’ active participation is the evidence that shows learning take place and participation is an assessment of a student’s performance. In addition, participation of students in the class activities is the response to teacher- center approach, as it is clear that in teacher center method all the activities are done by the teacher and class is based on teachers lecture. However, in student-center class teacher has the role of an instructor not a lecturer and the students do mostly activities. So it is really important to implement students’ participation in class activities especially in Afghan context because it is an important aspect of learning, for this reason this literature review aim is to explore the ways that causes students to participate in class activities more and more. The aim of this paper is to answer the question “How to improve students’ participation in class activities?” Therefore, these topics are discussed in the following pages with the perspectives of scholars and researchers: definitions of students’ participation, factors that affects students’ participation, improving students’ participation through active learning methods, exploring the ways of increasing participation, importance of students’ participation in language classrooms. Thus, this paper contains learners’ problems in participation and how to solve these problems and using the best and useful techniques and strategies that help a teacher to carry on the class based on learners’ activities successfully. The finding of reviewed articles showed that, Different studies mentioned different reasons for instance, students’ self-efficacy if they have high efficacy and confident they will participate more. This is true because students who do not have confident on themselves they fear of making mistakes and losing face in front of others so do not show their participation in class activities. Next, positive traits of instructor also give a motivational effect on students to actively participate in classroom for example, being supportive, friendly or encouraging learners. Of course this is fact that instructor also plays a very crucial role in learners participation. Furthermore, the other factor found that 90% of students felt that they prefer to participate in discussions in small group as compared with in bigger classroom.

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