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2020, Vol. 2, Issue 1, Part A

The state of story writing in the modern era

Author(s): Rowaida Ahmadi

Abstract: From the regions where Afghanistan is today, this literature and culture has been extended to other lands, including India by the kings of Ghazni and Ghor of Afghanistan. And today, Persian is the spoken language of most Afghans. The creation of literary works, including fiction, and even contemporary fiction with a history of nearly a century of contemporary Persian fiction, makes the belonging of these people to the Persian language more and more evident. What we introduce from the history of our literature and the field of fiction is our contemporary Persian story that warns us against mentioning the Persian word in all titles. However, there are other official and semi-official languages that have their own literature and works like other countries. In the history of story writing, the first two decades of Afghan story writing were discussed, indicating that at that time there were writers who dealt with different aspects of Afghan society, and their style, with the specific characteristics of Afghans, showed a tangible affinity, and the language of these stories is the original Persian language mainly providing appropriate descriptions and images of the story lines. To say, story is a stream full of water flowing from the height of the most refined thought of the human mind, to quench the thirst of the reader in the desert field. From the very simple ceiling of contemporary literature, writers and creators turned to different types of literature and wanted to express their thoughts and feelings through the use of new genres and forms. Story writing and writing in our rich culture and literature has a brilliant history, and from ancient times poets and writers of Persian literature have begun story writing and have paid great attention to this literary phenomenon that reflects the wishes, needs and beliefs of our people. These stories are either of Aryan origin or are inspired by the culture and etiquette of other countries. At the same time, every writer, like everyone else, has a special feeling for life, and this feeling is very much linked to his thoughts and ideas. In fact, thoughts and ideas cannot be separated from emotions and feelings.

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